Subframe Audio Level

During Reginald’s interview I asked Max, his Grandson to ask him the questions as Reg is hard of hearing and I thought that he would feel more at ease if someone he is familiar with was communicating with him. This was the first time Max had interviewed someone over camera, and he laughed over some of Reg’s speech, this was because he wanted to provide Reg with positive feedback and encouragement as at times he couldn’t remember things such as his age. At the time, I asked Max if he could try to hold back from laughing and instead give positive feedback through facial expressions or gestures.

Now that I’m at the post-production stage, editing my piece I realised that Max’s voice sometimes overlaps Reg’s, I really wanted to use Reg’s line about forgetting his age, my tutor Jo wanted me to use it too, but Max’s laughter is heard clearly over Reg’s speech. Today I showed Bronek, and he said as it is a documentary it may be a nice, natural element to leave Max’s laughter in as he said the viewer would just think that it’s a family member in the background, which it is! This filled me with confidence, as I was worried that’d I’d have to scrap Reg’s first lines.

It’s all good leaving them in but I asked wether it would be possible to dip the audio levels slightly during the laughter. Bronek showed me a technique on Final Cut Pro 7 called Subframe Audio Level in which you can move through the audio frame by frame for more accurate editing. We had to edit the audio in the viewer, with 100% zoom and hold down the shift key whilst dragging the playback head within the duration of a single frame allowing you move it in increments of 1/100 of a frame.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 15.21.03 Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 15.22.01



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