Creature Comfort Comparison

Now that I have began editing, I’ve realised that my editing style is quite similar to the television series: Creature Comforts, produced by the makers of Wallace and Gromit. One of my tutors brought this up too after watching my a bit of my edit. I used to watch this as a child, and maybe I’ve been subconsciously influenced. My film is similar in the way that it cuts between one interviewee to another, each one talking about the same subject. Despite the fact that this programme uses animated characters, the voices are that of ordinary people and real, casual conversations, much like the interviewees in mine.

I watched a behind the scenes video on youtube about how they make Creature Comforts and surprisingly, one of the producers mentioned that they venture out to old people’s homes and interviewed the people living there. This stands as yet another similarity! One of the main differences is they carried out 300 interviews up and down the country, whereas I carried out 8!



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