Funny Features

iconThroughout the interviews there are a few funny moments, that don’t particularly relate to my questions at all but I would like to include them. For instance when my Nan says ‘Take two!’ or when Daniel exclaims ‘Everyone we’re filming!!’. Due to the fact I’d like my documentary to have an upbeat style, and hopefully make the viewer laugh, I would like to include these moments in some way or another. I think I took inspiration from Creature Comforts after researching how they make their episodes, and how they highlight the funny elements.

I’m not sure where I can insert these funny moments yet but, to make things easier for myself I went through each transcript and wrote out a separate page for funny features. On Final Cut Pro I then made a new sequence called Funny Features, whereby I will sort through the clips to find the funny moments whilst referring to the page I wrote out. From this I can copy and paste these clips in to the sequence so they are all in one place, for now I’m going to continue editing and think about where I’m going to include these moments!

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 10.34.39


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