Creating Rolling Text Credits

Credits also known as billing is a necessity to any film, on the course we were told we definitely had to include them along with a title. Firstly I wrote out the content to my credits:

Director and Cinematographer Rachel Sutherland

Camera Operator and Runner Max Tillotson Home


Alice Wise

Daniel Tillotson Schroder

Ember Atherton

Eric Viner

Gwen Mason-Home

Isabelle Smith

Jean Martin

Reginald Home

Rex Mason-Home

Instead of applying a plain black background behind the text I decided to use some of my external footage, earlier on in the lesson I showed my most recent edit to two of my tutors and they said that I didn’t need to insert those cutaway shots in to my piece as, it looks nice the way it is, with it switching from interviewee to interviewee. I put one of my favourite shots of bluebells on to the timeline and slowed the duration down as I filmed it in 50 Frames Per Second.

I then downloaded the Mayonaise font I spoke about earlier in my blog and my sketchbook, and installed it on to the computer. I typed up the credits and put them over this footage, however each time it took a very long time to render, this is when I realised that I had imported the wrong clip, the raw clip, instead of the Apple Pro Res version. After realising this and importing the right clip, it flowed better.

Although, I’m not sure wether the typography is very legible over the top of this footage. In addition to this, I’m not sure wether this clip will stand out and completely contrast the rest of the footage, I will show my tutors again to gain feedback.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 13.52.21

Along with rolling credits, I also typed up my title in the same font. I thought that this might work over a black screen to introduce the film, but I also applied it over some footage of the cloudy, blue sky I shot. I slowed this down too as the footage was handheld and rather shaky.

Title 01Title 02

After showing this to my tutor she didn’t like the title being at the beginning of the film as she preferred the original beginning (Daniel exclaiming ‘Everyone we’re filming!’) as it had more of a powerful initial impact, I agreed that the original start is more attention grabbing than an onscreen title. Instead I inserted this title after my credits, I think they work well next to each other and the music I used allows them to flow I think.

I have now shortened down the credits by grouping them sets of three, so they are easier to read, instead of grouping them all together.

New Credits


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