Evaluation for Final Major Project

A documentary, exploring the similarities between the young and the elderly.

This was my initial synopsis I conjured up when presenting my pitch for my Final Major Project. I think now that I have finished my edit I can say that I have accomplished this initial idea, however I think that now I’d reword my synopsis to:

A short documentary, exploring the similarities and differences between the young and the elderly.

The style of my film has met my expectations; a poetic montage of different people, delving into their interests and loves. I’d say that my film holds an uplifting element with some comical genre, which I didn’t plan, the comedy arose during the production process due to the spontaneity of the interviewees. Not knowing how to structure my film until after gathering all of the footage was not only challenging but fun as well, as I had to work with what I had and create a narrative and flow by cutting all of the interviews together.

I wanted to make the lives of ordinary people seem interesting and meaningful and this has been possible through the power of editing, and allowing my idea to blossom in to something possible.

I think what provoked me to consider elderly individuals as subjects for my film, was my love for photography, in the past I have captured portrait shots of my Nan, and I think the etches and lines in aged skin looks very photogenic and interesting (although they may disagree!). I took inspiration from many various primary and secondary sources, which can be found, either on my blog or in my sketchbook.

When reflecting on my piece, I have made many changes along the way. For example, not including cutaway shots or stylistic elements, which I first set out to do.

I received constant feedback throughout the project from not only my tutors but also my peers, I think this is a key part of development.

I asked a couple of classmates to sum up my film in three words:

Contrasting, Interesting, Visually-Pleasing.

Funny, Simple, Complex.

Warming, Insightful, Charming.

Alice Still Dan Still

The Message

I think that through my project I’ve also created an opportunity for the voices of the very young and the elderly to be heard, which was half of the reason for wanting to film the individuals involved. The message I want to portray is:

No matter how young or how old you are, happiness is always achievable.

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